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Interceptor Ace: Daylight Air Defense Over Germany, 1943-44 is a solitaire, tactical level game which places you in command of a German fighter during World War II. Each turn consists of several days, during which a combat mission will be flown from one of many bases in Europe, attempting to intercept incoming American Bombers. Interceptor Ace is based on the popular, action-packed Nightfighter Ace game system by Gregory M. Smith with a strong narrative around the pilot as you look to increase your prestige, earn skills, and rise in rank through promotion and receive awards.

The objective of the game is to conduct numerous sorties in the role of a German interceptor pilot and rack up kills. Pilots may use the experience gained to improve their odds of success by purchasing skills. As their prestige increases, they may request a transfer to other fighter bases in an attempt to get “closer to the action” or request a newer type of fighter. Awards and ace status help to narrate the player’s eventual goal – to become the top “Viermot” killer of the war.

The system is packed with rich technical detail but without the complexity to capture the key historical facets of the day bombing campaign over Germany. In terms of fighters alone, there are 30 aircraft models available to pilot. The families of fighters include:

  • Bf109 (11 aircraft)
  • Bf110 (4 aircraft)
  • Me410 (2 aircraft)
  • Fw190 (13 aircraft)

For each interceptor, you will be using the date of availability, speed, area of operations based on originating base, individual weapon systems, damage, and crew status.

Fighters can be assigned to one of seven possible major geographic base “groups” as follows:

  • Dutch: Woensdrecht, Schiphol, Deelen, Wevelgem
  • Bremen: Husum, Jever, Oldenburg, Hildesheim
  • French: St. Brieuc, Poix, Vannes-Meucon, Evreax
  • Ruhr: Jever, Mönchen-Gladbach
  • Munich: Neubiberg
  • Műnster: Münster-Handorf, Bad Lippspringe, Rheine
  • Frankfurt: Ansbach, Wertheim

Besides the focus on hardware, the soft aspects of the war are also faithfully rendered for each pilot and crew. For example, air crew is characterized by various, including numerous Pilot skills, Wingman skills, Bordschuetze (Rear Gunner) skills, and Prestige Level. The emphasis on various skills and benefits to gaining experience creates even a stronger narrative when compared to the Hunters game system, which helps weave a tense and dramatic narrative during play. One major change in Interceptor Ace over Hunters is the ability to choose your crew improvements instead of randomly rolling for them. As these greatly impact on your combat capability (and survival),