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  • Not Fake NEWS | Bunker Hill Wargames

    ​ Well, it's been one year (now 1.5 years), and we have had just about one hundred orders. This is not enough to stay in business, so the inventory will be going to EBAY over the next few years, until it is gone. There is just no significant market share for a small reseller like BHWG. ​ I WILL be getting newest titles from GMT and Compass, a few others also, and I can ALWAYS special order for you or add your selection to an order. For instance, we just got in DONNERSCHLAG: ESCAPE FROM STALINGRAD , OPERATION THESEUS: GAZALA 1942 & CROSSING THE LINE: AACHEN 1944 from VUCA SIMS. Also ALMORAVID, EMPIRE OF THE SUN 4th EDITION, CDG SOLO SYSTEM from GMT, WAR FOR AMERICA, BARBARIANS AT THE GATES, and AFRICAN CAMPAIGN from COMPASS GAMES. MY WISH IS TO STAY AFLOAT, BUT WHO KNOWS... ​ ​ ​ MANLY TANKS, jfb ​

  • FAQ | Bunker Hill Wargames

    HOW DO I CHECK OUT? Once you have selected your items, go to your cart to commit to buy. Our clunky system will alert us. We will calculate your various best EXACT postage options and send you an email. YOU select the postage and payment options that you desire. Follow the instructions given (or you can request a paypal invoice). WHAT ARE MY PAYMENT OPTIONS? We accept Paypal or personal checks/bank drafts. Money orders are too big a problem any more. If you prefer Paypal, your total to pay will be evident from our email. Soon we will be able to support Visa or Mastercard (but not those other ones) MAY I USE MEDIA MAIL? Media Mail is for printed material or other media such as dvds, maps, charts, and so forth, as long as it has no advertising...I take this to mean general advertising, not their own products . It is acceptable to use domestically for items under 4 pounds. The range is $2.89 under 1 lb, $3.45 under 2 lb, $4.01 under 3 lb, and $4.57 for under 4 lb. Although the USPS is pretty reliable, Media Mail stuff does get lost or tossed when some unknown person is going "postal", so you take this option at your own risk. However, if it rattles (e.g. loose dice), then media mail will not be accepted at my post office. MAY I PRE-ORDER PRODUCTS? We are pleased to chat anytime via email, so let us know your interests and we will try to obtain what you seek at LEAST at the discount offered by publisher's pre-order terms. Remember, our shipping is exact and includes no "handling" or other hidden charges . WHY ARE OUR DISCOUNTS NOT SO DEEP AS IN YEARS PAST? Last incarnation, at BUNKER HILL GAMES, we discounted like crazy, but we didn't adjust as our market share shrank to a percent or two. In short, we bought dear and sold cheap and cut our own throats. A vile divorce didn't help. So now, we try to do our best by you and still stay in the Game. Some companies limit our discount to 10% only, and others sell to us only at 11% off. Still others will not trade with us because we don't have a brick and mortar store any more. I guess they've never heard of Covid lockdowns!

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    Send us a Note PO Box 133, Newbury NH 03255 603-454-5522

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