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King Philip’s War 1675-1676 was a momentous example of New England frontier savagery. A loose coalition of angry tribes inspired by King Philip (the Wampanoag sachem, Metacomet) burned and sacked settlements throughout the colonies of Massachusettes, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and the then separate colony of Plymouth. Ultimately, more than 2600 Colonials were captured or killed, Twelve Colonial settlements were completely destroyed and six more heavily damaged. Boston itself very nearly came under attack. At the same time, countless Indian villages were burned and 6000 Indians were slain or captured, and sold into slavery.. In all, 1,200 homes were burned, and vast stores of food destroyed. Metacomet himself was eventually ambushed, beheaded, and quartered.


King Philip’s War can be played in five turns (introductory level) or ten turns, once concepts are fully understood. Each turn will vary in length depending on the uncertain arrival of Indian Allies. Game length between experienced gamers is 1.5 to 3 hours.


King Philip’s War contains:

  • 1 Map 22” x34”
  • 2 Double-sided Player Aid Sheets 8.5” x 11”
  • Rulebook
  • 176 5/8" counters
  • dice

King Philip’s War uses combat units representing war bands of 100-200 warriors and colonial companies of 50 to 100 soldiers. Combat units are sometimes accompanied by key historical leaders as well as unspecified Indian Sachems or Colonial captains. Units utilize point to point movement and standard combat results chart combat.


Fog of war is introduced in the form of a unique Battle Effects Die that simulates six unexpected possibilities, one of which could affect every combat. Such unexpected events include ambushes, spies, defender reinforcements, massacres, defender panic, and the introduction of Indian Guides. Tribal support is gained through a simple diplomacy phase for both sides. Combat success often means the destruction of enemy villages and settlements, which in turn erodes the loyalty of friendly tribes.


In King Philip’s War the Colonial player wins by eliminating the historical leaders of King Philip and Canonchet or being the first to accumulate 30 victory points. The Indian player wins by seizing the settlements of Boston and Plymouth, or by being the first to accumulate 30 victory points.


King Philip’s War features the historic leaders:

King Philip or Metacomet, Sachem of the Wampanoag Nation
Canonchet, powerful Sachem of the Naragansett Nation
Benjamin Church, purported founder of the colonial rangers and
Josiah Winslow– The fighting Colonial Governor of Plymouth


Special rules are included in King Philip’s War to handle Mohawk intervention (on either side), fragile Indian alliances, frontier forts, river movement, provisions loss, the threat of New York intervention, and winter effects on movement, combat and supply attrition.

Optional rules include: Interception, Astute War leaders, Disunited colonies, Indian Wrath, as well as Limited and Unlimited Ferocity.


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