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from the Compass website:


This extensive package expands and complements Russia Besieged Deluxe Edition, the finest Corps/Army level treatments of the fighting on the Eastern Front in World War II!

Finnish Expansion. The Finnish Expansion completes the entire Eastern Front experience by adding a map that covers Finland from Helsinki, Leningrad, Archangel, Petsamo and Murmansk. The expansion includes the units required to complete the Order of Battle and a 48 page Rules Book/Historical Study to cover fighting in the rugged Arctic terrain.  The Finnish Expansion adds a new dimension to Russia Besieged Deluxe Edition in that players can experience the difficulty encountered by the German Army of Norway and the rugged Finnish forces in dealing with punishing terrain, extreme weather and a relentless Russian enemy whose resources never seem to be tapped.

The Rules Book includes a 16 page Historical Study that delves into the history of aggression against Finland by the Soviet Union leading up to the Winter War and eventually, Finland’s entry as an Ally of Germany in what was called the Continuation War.  Finland’s only interest in joining Germany was to regain the territory taken from them by the Soviet Union including land and bases in Karelia and mines in the northern region near the Barents Sea.  A gallery of photographs is also included, used with permission from the Finnish Military Photography Archives, providing a unique perspective on the combatants, terrain and fighting conditions in the region.

Kursk Study Variant.  Included in the package is an historical Battle of Kursk scenario.  Renowned military historian Paul Popejoy, a long-time fan of Russia Besieged has extensively researched primary sources and designed a comprehensive and historically accurate scenario for the Battle of Kursk.

The extensive scenario has a 20-page Rule Book, Order of Battle Cards, and several dozen new counters.  This scenario is an essential companion for Eastern Front enthusiasts.  As with Paul’s previous Historical Russia Besieged variant offered in the Player’s Guide, it has been extensively researched but has not been extensively playtested.

First Turn Analysis.  We are not finished yet in this offering! Also included with this package is a 64 page First Turn Analysis Guide packed with examples on how to start the critical opening turn of the game.  Each Military District is analyzed and suggestions are illustrated on how to make the necessary attacks in order to either trap or destroy enemy units.  Two illustrative Russian Defenses are provided, as well as suggestions for Russian defensive positions following the initial German assault.  The goal is to teach the player to attack aggressively and how to use the nuances of the game, the two combat tables and techniques to wipe out as many units as possible in order to get an excellent start on the campaign.

Many new additional Advanced Rules will also be introduced in the package, taking the Advanced Rule count up to A 72.0.  These rules are designed to add historical accuracy, as well as chrome, depth and some play balance for the ultimate gaming experience at this scale of simulation.  One of the more exciting and intriguing new rules is Strategic Movement that allows units not participating in combat to move up to the front line much more quickly.  These new Advanced Rules have been playtested by both expert and average players.  To assist players in selecting which Advanced Rules to use, there is a Designer’s Game that recommends a balanced group of fifteen Advanced Rules.

Counters and Play Aid Cards.  Our goal has always been to support Russia Besieged Deluxe Edition at the highest level! Included in the counter mix (one and a half sheets of 5/8” die cut counters) will be all the replacement counters needed to correct some minor errata as well as some other minor unit changes based on some new research of primary sources.  New German and Russian Order of Battle Cards, reprinted Combat Results Tables, a number of Play Aid Cards are also included to round out this extraordinary package.

Product Information (based on Russia Besieged Deluxe Edition):

  • Complexity: 6 out of 10
  • Time Scale: 1 Turn = 2 months, broken down into monthly impulses
  • Map Scale: 1 hex = 32 miles or 52 km approx.
  • Unit Scale: Army, Corps, Breakdown counters, Volkssturm and Partisan
  • Players: 2 player or solitaire
  • Solitaire: High
  • Playing Time: Scenarios of 1+ hours, up to the campaign game of 20 hours

Game Components:

  • 48 page Finnish Expansion Historical Commentary and Rules booklet
  • 64 page First Turn Analysis Book
  • 20 page Kursk Historical Scenario designed by Paul Popejoy
  • German Kursk Order of Battle Card
  • Three Russian Kursk Order of Battle Cards
  • One and a half sheets of 5/8″ inch die-cut counters (264 counters)
  • Finnish Expansion Weather Player Aid Cards
  • Finnish Expansion Order of Battle Card
  • Finnish Expansion Game Map (measuring 18″ x 22″)
  • Strategic Movement Player Aid Card
  • Main Game Updates include:
    • Russian Order of Battle Card
    • German Order of Battle Card
    • Two Revised CRT and Blitzkrieg Table Cards
  • Full-sized Box and Lid

Game Credits:

  • Designer: Art Lupinacci
  • Kursk Scenario Designer: Paul Popejoy
  • Artist: Art Lupinacci
  • Proof Reading: Tim McNeil


$69.00 Regular Price
$58.00Sale Price
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