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here is a link to the publisher's own page on this game: 

The Mighty Endeavor: Expanded Edition [SCS-TMEX] 




2005~~IN THE BELOVED "STANDARD COMBAT SERIES" BY DEAN ESSIG...The Allied invasion of Western Europe, of these goes straight to my dining room!!...34x22" map, 280 counters, 8-page series rulebook, 16-page game rulebook...15 miles/hex, 10 days/turn, divisional scale...this series deserves every accolade, so this topic should be well-received indeed!<br>
OKAY!...gaming begun!...the Allies have made it ashore and the Germans are having to use their panzers to block up the bocage country...(I'm at the end of turn 3)...but time will tell...patience (and bloody fighting) is the key, as the Germans get only one replacement/turn and are losing 4-5 steps per turn...soon the line will crack, but it won't do so unless the Allies are willing to lose a lot of guys (for the time being, new units are plentiful in the England box)...took Cherbourg on turn 2 (what did the Jerries do wrong?)...landed in South of France on turn 3, which is distracting three mech divisions (had to do it, so many guys in the Med box and so few German units available to plug holes!...I figure to use carpet bombing on the thickest stack of Nazis next turn, and hopefully they won't be able to patch the line!

Okay, Allies turn 7 just completed...have destroyed 6 Pz divisions and reduced most of the rest, Normandy breakout under way (has it taken too long?), but I just lost my beach ports and only Cherbourg exists for supply!...(that means only 1 attack HQ available per turn, except for emergency attacks)...carpet bombing still unused, so I have it in my pocket!) now getting tricky, as you count MPs not hexes, so those trucks have to be close and there ain't enough of them...the Germans will use this to advantage...Southern France attack slowed by terrain and supply chokepoints, but they have worn the Germans down to 4 units, and there are no reinforcements ever going down that way...a good sideshow, even if no VPs will ever come of the way, it is impossible to surround units into being out of supply, as they only check for supply trace AFTER their movement and combat phases, which gives even infatry units the ability to get out of a surround situation...the way to prevent this is to cut off supply 2 or 3 (or more) hexes deep, so that units can't extricate themselves in one move...this is the INTENT of the design...wicked!<br>
okay, it is now turn 9, and the Germans have made a solid (but thin) line from Le Havre to Paris and beyond, along the Seine...the Allies have only one port, so they only get one attack HQ...not enough to crack the river line in any strength...I can use my last beach invasion to add one attack HQ, but that will free all those puny units along the coastline...but it looks like I'll have to do it...need either to take Paris this turn or have it fill up with German "area A" reinforcements, or else go for Le Havre, which will take some time to activate once it is captured...hmmmm....I think I took too long to break out!

The Germans have waited too long to bug out, with Paris and a tempting Seine River line to defend...big turn 9 reinforcements (mostly VG divisions) arrive just in time to be surrounded...they should have run (and the reinforcements should have been planted on the Siegfried Line!)...on turn 10 the Allies land their final invasion beach, handing the formations a second needed attack HQ...with that and four rebuilt airborne units, the British Commonwealth guys break through the thin infantry line at the Seine, gobbling up Le Havre on the next turn, and flanking Paris from the West, while the Americans blast through the German left flank, making sure that the armor is not in a ZOC after the exploit phase, the green guys plant themselves on the airborne units and surround Paris from the East, while the tan (and red) guys overrun a few weak units and lock the door on Paris from the way the Germans can break out in time to keep themselves in supply...two panzer divisions, an infantry, and four VGs in the bag!

In the South, it appears that the diversion was costly, as the remnants of the German defense is holding halfway to Lyons (where the Americans & Free French would have outrun their available trucks)...they should have just bugged out at once and made a line at Lyons, which would have saved 3 panzer and several infantry divisions to fight in Normandy...hmmmm...maybe there should be a house rule that the Allies can get more trucks down there once they pass the 54xx row or something...I sure won't defend it next time otherwise!

Turn 11 begins with the successful assassination of Hitler by his outraged general staff, and the troops lay down their arms.
Wow, that was a lot of fun...but a few rookie mistakes forced the outcome...I think I can make it harder for the Allies next time (it was hard enough, but for that late mistake in holding on too long!)


NOW, for the current MMP description:


The Mighty Endeavor is both an updated version (with errata corrected, a couple of counters added, and other counters made to conform to the Expansion) covering the Western Front from the D-Day landings until the end of April 1945 and an expansion to the original game that adds the Eastern Front from just east of Warsaw during the same time period and a small map attachment that adds the Brittany Peninsula.

Following the same allocation of responsibilities as the game Battle for Germany (SPI, 1975), one player controls the Western Allies and the East Front Germans while the other controls the Russians and the West Front Germans. The two players compete by seeing which grouping of Allies can conqure as much German territory as possible—while they also play against their opponent to stop the opposite front. Never a dull moment as both players are always playing one side or the other at the same time.

The scenarios start the campaign at various points and as an added feature, the game includes a 16 Dec 44 (Bulge) campaign start for the Western Front.

Players owning the original TME can preorder a reduced-cost preorder for this game on the honor system. Too much of the game changed to warrant an "upgrade kit". This option will only be available while the game is on preorder.


The Mighty Endeavor contains:

  • two 22" x 34" full-color maps
  • one 8.5" x 11" full-color map
  • two sheets of 1/2" counters
  • one 8 page SCS-specific v1.7 rulebook
  • one 16 page TME-specific rulebook
  • one 16 page TME Expansion rulebook
  • two dice
  • box and lid



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